How to Manage Advanced Search in Magento 2

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Advance Search in stores using Magento 2 is a tool that helps customers precisely find out a product in the catalog through product attributes. In other words, the customer can enter the product’s name, or SKU, and other factors to quickly search for the product. You even can allow your customers to seek for a product by its price range (in case they don’t know the product’s name or SKU) or by the color as well.


For a customer shopping in a Magento 2 store, he/she can use that useful tool by click on the Advance Search link in the bottom of the  homepage. Each field in the searching section relates to an attribute from your product catalog. All the results are a list of products in the catalog that meet the criteria of the shopper. The more fields are filled, the more precise the result is.


For a Magento 2 store owner, he/she can manage the Advance Search through the backend. To add a criteria for product searching, admins need to do the following steps:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Stores.
  2. Then under Attributes choose Product.
  3. Now you’ll see all the attributes of your products is listed on the working space. Click to any attribute that you want to add.
  4. Next, select the Storefront properties section on the left panel of the attribute.
  5. Set Use in Search to “Yes”. After that, set Visible in Advanced Search to “Yes” as well.
  6. After finishing all the settings, click Save Attributes on the upper-right corner.

It is important to note that the added field should to be very familiar to your customers as to be best applied in practice. You also need to minimize the searching criteria because having too many will not only slow down the search process but also cause dissatisfaction to your buyers.


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