An Overview About 7 Core Content Pages in Magento 2

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In the previous writing about Content Menu, you must have known some general information about Pages in Content of Magento 2. Page is one of the primary components to develop a complete website and a website can contain a lot of different pages with specific content. Therefore, to help you have a better understanding of pages in Magento 2, in this blog post, we will provide a deeper look and a more detailed analysis about some core content pages that default Magento 2 supports websites to get started.

There are 7 available core content pages in the default settings of Magento 2. You can navigate to Admin => Content Pages to see this list in the backend and also know which is included on each page.

1st Content Page – Homepage


This can be a page deciding whether you have good or bad first impression on customers when they land on your website. For Magento 2, default homepage of Luma theme includes a banner, an image carousel, some static blocks with internal links and a widget of some products. Therefore, it is easy for you to make more customization with this page so that it can be really beautiful and attractive to users. You can read more about customizing such a page in this post: How to Add A New Page in Magento 2.

2nd Content Page – About us


This page is put into the footer of the website so that customers can quickly see and navigate to. Like homepage, the default “About us” page of Magento 2 contains text, images and some links to other relevant sections for more information.

3rd Content Page – Customer Services

The “Customer Service” page mainly includes text about some policies of the business. It is also linked from the footer of the store.


4th Content Page – Privacy Policy

The “Privacy Policy” page displays all necessary information to specify with your own customers such as your Security, your Privacy Policy, Customer Security, which information you collect, how to use information, Cookies issues and so on. The most important thing is the more detailed information you provide customers, the better you are.


5th Content Page – 404 Not Found


When customers enter an invalid URL from your site, they will be navigated to a 404 page which is considered as a response to a not found page. Therefore, to avoid customer dissatisfaction, default Magento 2 allows you to customize to make it more user-friendly by giving a very nice message about inconvenience or offering customers more products they can be interested in.

6th Content Page – Enable Cookies


When users go to your websites via cookies that are not enabled in their browsers, this page will appear and explain to customers about the current issue as well as give them instruction to get cookies accepted in each browser.

7th Content Page – Service Unavailable


When your site has a problem about the server, which can cause it not run properly or have errors, this Service Unavailable page is useful to notify customers and friendly ask them to come back for a period of time.

All of these 7 pages are supported by default Magento 2 and you can flexibly edit and make them more suitable for your business. In the next blog post, we will introduce you how to configure a default page in Magento 2. Please keep updated with us for the latest writing!

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