An Overview of Promotions in Magento 2

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In any type of business, promotion plays a crucial part in marketing and boosting sales performance. Hence, Magento 2 is developed with a powerful promotion tool to fully support the need of store owners in attracting buyers with promotion policy and campaign.

The promotions in Magento 2 are built based on a set of conditions about product relationships and price rules at the backend. If the purchased products meet the conditions, the discount will be triggered. Default Magento 2 offer a various choice of customer incentives for business owners to choose such as:

  • Send your best customers a coupon for a discount on a specific product
  • Offer free shipping for purchases over a certain amount
  • Schedule a promotion for a period of time

We will introduce to you two basic types of promotion in Magento 2 which is catalog price rule and shopping cart price rule.

Catalog price rules are used to offer a discounted price for specific products which meet the conditions (based on product attribute). For example, you can set a discount of 10% for any product under category Shirt. Two things you need to note down about catalog price rule is that they do not use coupon codes and they are triggered before a product is placed into the shopping cart.

You can access Marketing => Promotions => Catalog Price Rule to set up


On the other hand, cart price rules are triggered after the products are put in the shopping cart. There are two ways for the discount to be applied: items in cart meet the conditions or a valid coupon code is entered by customer. The discount will be shown in the cart under the subtotal. Moreover, cart price rule is more flexible than catalog price rule as you have four type of rules to choose: coupon code, free shipping, buy X get Y free or discount with minimum purchase. For example, you can set a coupon code THANKS for 10% off or a buy 1 get 1 free campaign.

For configuration, admins can go to Marketing => Promotions => Cart Price Rule


In the upcoming post, we will go into details of how to set up and configure each type of promotions in Magento 2. So stay tuned and subscribe for more useful post. Let us know if you have any question in the comment section!

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