An Introduction of Product Relationships in Magento 2

An Introduction of Product Relationship in Magento 2

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The action of defining the nature of the relationship among the products helps to determine which type of page will be chosen for promoting particular products in your catalog. There are three available options for considering: Up-sell products, Related products and Cross-sell products.

Related Products in Magento 2

Related products normally offer some similar features comparing with the item that customer is viewing under product page. They complement, enhance or add optional features to the product. Related products are shown in order to recommend customers purchase in addition. Just by simple clicking on the checkbox, customers can add the item to their shopping cart. The place for displaying Related Products depends on theme and page layout setting. It is usually set to appear in the right sidebar with a 2-column layout or at the bottom of the product view page.

Up-sell products in Magento 2

Up-sell products are all items that bring similar features like item opening on the product page but they might be more popular, offer higher quality or give a better benefit than the current item. Customers prefer up-sell product to the product that they are considering. On the product page, the list of up-sell items usually appear under a heading such as “You may also be interested in the following products”

Cross-sells product in Magento 2

Cross-sell products are set to show on the shopping cart page before the customer begins the checkout process. Cross-sell items are also similar to products which are placed next to the cash register in the supermarkets, convenient shops, etc. In addition, cross-sells are shown to enliven customer’s psychology and encourage them to spend more money for store by buying not only items currently chosen.

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