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How to Optimize Magento 2 Order Management?

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Customers these days are likely to have higher demands with fast delivery and excellent services. Hence, online retailers should pay attention to tons of processes, from inventory management to support and pre-sales communication.

However, order management can be regarded as the most struggling process for businesses and retailers. So now, we would like to pose some challenges and give you the best tips to help you take advantage of Magento 2 Order Management in tackling problems related to this stage. 

What is Magento Order Management?


Firstly, to figure out and solve the problems, merchants and retailers should understand what Magento 2 Order Management is and how important it is.

Magento Order Management in general or Magento 2 Order Management, in particular, is the optimization of the order management workflow in an E-Commerce store.

This process can consist of reviewing order details, editing products added to an order, changing shipping/billing details, modifying customers’ info. That is the reason why order management is so crucial to e-commerce businesses.

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Challenges and Solutions to Optimize Magento 2 Order Management Order numbering


Magento itself has a default ID assignment algorithm, labelling orders automatically. Its function is to ensure accurate order processing when your store has a well-established order numbering practice in place.

However, business requirements vary from one store to another. So some merchants sometimes need custom order numbers for easy management.



Magento 2 Custom Order Number is introduced explicitly for that problem. 

This handy extension allows creating custom IDs for orders and related sales documents.

Moreover, it helps create a unique format for order number as you want. Also, store owners can set number start, increments and number padding, reset counter manually or configure to reset daily, weekly, monthly, yearly automatically, change shipment, invoice, and credit memo number.

With this extension, online retailers can introduce a more effective and smoother order numbering practice to their stores. 

Irrelevant orders handling


Big stores have to cope with a bunch of orders at a time.

And, the order grid is loaded with a variety of records from Pending, fulfilled, cancelled orders. Thus, it is necessary to delete redundant orders.

Unfortunately, Magento does not support doing so in their nature.

It would help if you had additional tools, so-called extensions.



To optimize Magento 2 Order Management, Magento 2 Delete Orders Extension is indeed crucial. Intuitive and super easy-to-use, Magento 2 Delete Orders allows removing orders and all the related documents such as invoices, credit memos, and shipments with ease.

Now you can remove all test orders and make sure the order grid to be well-organized.

Accurate export and import of order records


The release of Magento 2 brings store owners a variety of robust, secure, and innovated installations. Yet, adopting a newer installation means tackling data transfer, including order information, to the new platform version.

Any data loss or damage will cost significantly to recover.



To deal with this obstacle, Magento 2 Orders Export & Import extension seems to be essential for a new Magento Order Management.

Accordingly, store owners can import and export all orders and related information automatically and per store view.

Moreover, the Orders Export & Import extension also allows creating new customers while importing, following their shipping/billing address.

Wrapping Up

Even though establishing an active Magento 2 Order Management requires considerable efforts, it is vital to improving business performance, as well as customer satisfaction.

Making use of Magento 2 Order Management extensions, you can simplify this challenging stage and obtain beneficial results. We hope that the extensions introduced above will give you a helping hand in your order management, bringing your business administration to a whole new level.

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