An Insight Into Marketing Reports In Magento 2 Reports Menu

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On the previous article, we provided information about refresh statistics and how to do it in Magento 2 admin panel. In this article, we will describe an insight into Marketing Reports In Magento 2 Reports Menu and its functions.

In Magento 2 Reports Menu, Marketing Reports is an essential option. This option provides information about the status of shopping carts, the use of search terms, and newsletter transmissions.

Marketing Reports in Magento 2
Marketing Reports

As you can see, there are 4 functions in Marketing Reports: Products In Mart, Search Terms, Abandoned Carts and Newsletter Problem Reports.

Product In Carts

Product In Carts
Product In Carts

This function list all products in shopping carts includes the name and price of each item, the number of carts with the item, and the number of times each item has been ordered.

Search Terms

This function displays the search queries, or what your customers are searching for in each store view. This report includes Results – the number of matching items found in the catalog, and Hits – how many times the search term has been used.

Abandoned Carts

This function reports a list of all registered who have abandoned carts that have not yet expired. The report includes the name of the customer, email address, name and the number of products in the cart, subtotal, applied coupon,  the date created, date last updated and IP address.

Newsletter Problems

Any newsletter queue that failed to transmit is included in the Newsletter Problems Report. In this report, you can see ID and name of the subscriber, queue start date, queue subject, error code and error text.

Above is an article about Marketing reports in Magento 2 and its functions. We hope that you can get some useful information from this insight. If you have any question or request suggestion in our article, feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly. In the next article, we will provide information about review reports. Keep tracking Mageguides for more useful Magento 2 guideline & insight articles.


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