Interaction with Email a Friend

The Interaction with Email a Friend in Magento 2

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Email a Friend link is the link that allows your customers to share links to products with their friends. In the Magento demo store, you can see the Email a Friend link comes out as an envelope icon. You also can design the message template with your voice and brand. If you want to eliminate spamming, I recommend you limit the number of recipients for each email and the number of commodities that beneficiary can be shared over a one-hour.

How to configure Email a friend?

Step 1

On the slide of the admin home page, click on Stores symbol. Then under Setting, tap Configuration at the second line.

Step 2

Expand Catalog field that is in the panel on the left and choose Email to a Friend.

Step 3

Email Templates appears with six sections.

Then, do the following:

  1.  At Enabled field, set to “Yes”
  2. Firm Select Email Template to the template you want to use as the basic of the message
  3. If you want only registered customers can send email to friends, choose No for Allow for Guests, conversely, set Yes if you allow guests to send emails
  4. In Max Recipients field, you can fill as maximum as number of friends who can receive email for a single message
  5.  In Max Products Sent in 1 Hour field, enter the maximum number of goods that can be shared by a customer with their friend over a one
  6. Set Limit Sending By with the two following options to determine the email sender.

+ IP Address identifies the sender by the IP address of
the computer that is used to send the emails.

+ Cookie which identifies the sender by browser cookie is rated as an unsafe method because the sender can delete the cookie to neglect the limit.

Step 4  

When already complete, click Save Config button to finish.

How to send email to a friend?

Step 1

On a catalog page, choose the Email a friend link and then, log in to your customer account if you already have your own account or sign up for a new account if you do not.

Step 2

Write down the Message and fill the recipient Name and the Email Address. If you want to add more recipients than one, do the following:

  1.  Click Add Invite button.
  2. Fill the Name and the Email Address of the added person the as many additional people as the configuration allows.

Step 3

When the email is accessible, click Send Email button to finish your work.

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