How to Set Discount with Minimum Purchase in Magento 2

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In the last articles (5 Steps to Add a New Cart Price Rule in Magento 2 and “How to Set “Buy X, Get Y Free” Price Rule in Magento 2”) we have introduced you a number of tools to set up discount principles to customers’ shopping carts. This article will provide you more details for another type of promotion: Discount with Minimum Purchase in Magento 2. It has the format as: “X% off all Y (category) over $Z dollars”.  The function of this principle is to offer buyers a percentage discount based on a minimum purchase. In order to make it easy to understand, this article will take a practical example: set a 20% discount is applied to all purchases over $150 in a specific category.

To set up the price rule, you need to follow the same 5 steps that required to add a new cart price rule and change the settings to your preferences.

Step 1: Add a new rule

For the first step,  follow the cart price rule instructions to complete the rule basic information.

Step 2: Draw the conditions

  1. Move to the Condition section and expand it.
  2. Click the Add icon and select Product Attribute Combination.
  3. After that, tap the Add icon at the beginning of the next line. Then choose Category displayed in the list under Product Attribute.
  4. Click the “more” () link to add the category. You can type the category name in the blank box. Or you can choose an existing category from the category tree by marking checkbox of any category that you want to include in. You need to tap the Chooser button to see the available categories first. When finish choosing category, press enter to add categories to the condition.
  5. You also have more options with the “is” link. There are six choices you can select to apply to chosen categories.
  6. Next, click the Add icon at the beginning of the next line. In the “Please to choose a condition to add” box, select Price in Cart under Cart Item Attribute.
  7. To set the example mentioned, choose “equals or greater than” in the “is” link.
  8. Then click the “more” (…) link to set the amount that the Price in Cart must be to meet the condition. For the mentioned example, enter 150.
  9. Tap Save and Continue Edit.

Step 3: Determine actions for the new rule

  1. Firstly, expand the Actions section.
  2. Apply: Choose  “Percent of product price discount.”
  3. Discount Amount: Enter the percentage that you want to apply. For example, type 20 for a twenty-percent discount.
  4. To prevent the promotion from being affected by other discounts, set Discard subsequent rules to “Yes.”
  5. Complete the rule as needed then tap Save and Continue Edit.Actions

Step 4: Set the Labels

Review the Step 4 of setting a new cart price rule to set the label that appears to customers when they check out.

Step 5: Save and Test the Rule

When complete all the settings, click Save Rule.

After that, go to your homepage to see whether the new settings have been applied properly or not. Because adding a total new price rule might take a lot of time, doing the checking is worth the effort.


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