Detailed Introduction of Popular Search Terms in Magento 2

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In the previous blog, we gave you an overview of Magento search terms. This article today will focus on the detailed introduction of popular search terms in Magento 2.

What Is Popular Search Terms?


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The search terms used by visitors to your store are ranked by popularity and shown in the search terms link in the footer of your store. Search terms appear in a “tag cloud” format and you are able to realize the popularity of each term due to the size of the text easily.

Popular Search Terms is activated as a search engine optimization tool despite no direct connection to the catalog search process. The Search Terms page is indexed by search engines so that you can make use of terms on the page to enhance your search engine ranking as well as the visibility of your store.


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In addition, with popular search terms, you can also know about the current trend and what your customers are mostly finding in your store. Bonus information is that the URL of the Popular Search Terms page is:

To Customize Popular Search Terms


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Please follow these simple steps to configure popular search terms in the backend:

  1. Choose Stores on the Admin sidebar -> Select Configuration under Settings
  2. Tap Catalog under Catalog in the left panel
  3. Widen the Search Engine Optimization part
  4. Remove the tick from the Use system value checkbox -> set Popular Search Terms as wish
  5. Click Save Config to finish



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Provided above is the overview of popular search terms in Magento 2. We hope that this article is useful for the ones who are finding information about search terms as well as related topics.

Please keep following us and feel free to contact us if you have any query. Thanks a lot for reading!

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