Complete Guide To Configuring Newsletter In Magento 2

Complete Guide To Configuring Newsletter In Magento 2

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  1. What is Newsletter in Magento 2?

The newsletter is an effective method to send a marketing email to your potential customers, encourage them to visit your online store and buy products. Sending a newsletter is one of the most powerful and low-cost marketing tools for your online store. You can send a newsletter in Magento 2 platform online store and distribute them to your subscribed customers. There is a tool in Magento 2 backend that allows store administrators to create newsletters, customize and manage them.

In this article, we will provide a tutorial on how to configuring newsletter in Magento 2

  1. How to configuring newsletter in Magento 2?

To creating a newsletter, the first step is to configure the setting of the newsletter for your online store. You can send an email,  attach a confirmation link and ask customers to click on it to confirm the subscription. This method will reduce the possibility that your newsletter might be considered to be spam.  

Follow these steps to configure subscription options:

On the Admin sidebar, click Stores. Under Settings, select Configuration.

In the panel on the left under Customers, select Newsletter.

If necessary, open the Subscription Options tab. Following these steps:

Subscription Options Of Newsletter in Magento 2
Subscription Options
  • Confirm the email template and sender of the each of the following email messages that are sent to subscribers:

Success email

Confirmation email

Unsubscribe email

  • To use the double opt-in process to confirm subscriptions, change the setting of Need to Confirm to “Yes.”
  • To allow the customer who does not register an account with your store to subscribe to the newsletter, change the setting of Allow Guest Subscription to “Yes.”

Click Save Config after completed.

Above is a part one of the complete guidelines about newsletter in Magento 2. We hope that Magento 2 store owners will understand the importance of newsletters in online marketing and how to use it effectively. In the next part of this guidelines, we will describe the guide about newsletter templates. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any question, don’t forget to subscribe Mageguides to read the next Magento 2 article.


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