How to Use Default Theme in MagHow to Use Default Theme in Magento 2

An Complete Guide: How to Use Default Theme in Magento 2

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At the previous post, we have an overall view about Theme in Magento 2 and this article will give you a complete guide of how to use Default Theme.

Magento’s default responsive themes renders the show of your retail facade for various devices, and joins best practices for desktop, table, and cell phones. A few subjects are intended to be utilized just with particular devices . At the point when Magento distinguishes a particular program ID, or client specialist, it utilizes the theme that is designed to be utilized for the particular program. The pursuit string can combine Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE).


To see the present theme settings:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Content. Then under Design, pick Themes.
  2. In the catalog of installed themes, discover the one that you need to inspect, and tap the line to show the settings.
  3. To view an example page, tap the Theme Preview Image.
    Preview Theme

    To apply a topic:

    1. On the Admin sidebar, choose Content. Then pick Configuration under Design.
    2. Find the store view that you need to make settings. Next, in the Action section, tap Edit.
    3. Under Default Theme, set Applied Theme to the one that you need to use for the present view.
Applied Theme

To include a user agent  rule:

1. Under Design Rule, tap Add New User Agent Rule.Next, do the following:

Design Rule

a. In the Search String field, enter the program ID for the particular device. For instance:
Search strings are matched in the request they are entered. For instance, for Firefox enter:/^mozilla/I
b. Repeat the procedure to enter extra devices.
2. When finish, tap Save Config.


Provided above is a complete guide of using theme in Magento 2. Please feel free to contact us if you have any query and don’t forget to follow other articles to receive more interesting details about Magento 2.

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