An Overview of Customer Engagement in Magento 2

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Customer engagement is the art of actively building, nurturing, and managing relationships with your customers. For e commerce business, it is an essential work to encourage buyers to interact more on your site, spending more time on your products and adding to cart more items. Magento 2, being one of the most flexible and functional ecommerce platforms, supports store owners excellently in creating opportunities to engage for buyers. In this article, you will be introduced an overview of how you can enhance customer engagement in Magento 2.

In general, Magento 2 provides 4 basic tools for increasing engagement which are Email a Friend, Wish List, Compared Product and Product Review. All of the 4 features are available on the product page of any product types. You can check out at the image below:

Magento 2 Customer Engagement at Frontend

Product Review is the first feature in customer engagement we want to talk about. It is considered as one of the most powerful tools as review from other buyers can gain trust highly in new customers. Those reviews brings up a sense of objectiveness and give a more real feeling about the item.

Up next, Add to Wish List button allows customers to keep their favorite product in a priority list. After the heart icon is clicked, the items will be saved to the Wish List section on customer account to remind them again. Hence, these items have less chance of being abandoned in cart.

To support the selecting process, Add to Compare is how the buyers can quickly compare the features of one product with another. This helps them to choose the most suitable products as their needs.

Last but not less powerful, Email a Friend is created with the aim to raise customer engagement via sharing. Logged-in customers  can send a product to their dear friend with a message to recommend any product. This way of marketing is indeed can get any better.

If you still have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask us in the comment section. In the following post, we will show more Magento 2 tutorial so stay tuned and updated!

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  1. What’s Magento like? I use WooCommerce myself, but they have really annoyed me lately. I recently got hit with a $10k bill for a few extensions I own (completely out of the blue). They have increased their prices by 50 on all extension renewals – without telling their customers! Seems pretty strange. But nevertheless, I am currently looking to jump ship and not sure which ecommerce platform to use on our website.

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