A Comprehensive View to Deeply Understand Page Layout in Magento 2

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When it comes to a website’s success, it would be undeniable that page layout plays a vital role. This is simply because a website with easy-to-follow navigation system and streamlined blocks would provide visitors with more appealing experience. This could make the visitors comfortable and want to use the website more. However, how to design a page layout effectively is a big stumbling block for online retailers as there are a wide range of options. In this article, we will go through the basic standard page layouts offered by Magento 2.

Single-column layout

A single column layout is also known as a parallax scrolling website. This name is taken from the case that all of the contents are arranged on only one page which requires visitors to keep scroll down the page to find the information they are looking for. This layout is optimized for companies that offer a single product/service or any sites containing a large number of visual effects.

Multi-column layout

Unlike a single column layout, this layout consists of two or three separate parts that are commonly called columns. Multi-column layout includes a large main content area and some smaller sub-bars. The main area occupies most of the screen, displaying charming picture or banner about the company or main product, while other blocks are used for providing supporting content and additional navigation.

Depending on the position of sub-bars, multi-column layout is divided into three different types:

  •  Two Columns with Left Bar  
  •  Two Columns with Right Bar
  •  Three Columns: the two side bars located on both left-hand and right-hand situations of the center column.

An outstanding point of a multi-column layout is that the way it performances looks like a newspaper. That is why this layout is also referred to as newspaper design style.

Empty layout

The “Empty” layout is a special type in which designers are free to custom page layout. People usually choose this when the two above layouts do not suffice their needs.

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