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Six differences between Magento 2 Enterprise Edition and Community Edition

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If you want to choose a suitable platform to create an Ecommerce store between Magento 2 Enterprise Edition and Community Edition, you firstly have to know what the their description as well as comparison between the two are. So, the following article will provide you six differences between Magento 2 Enterprise Edition and Community Edition.

Difference 1: Cost

Firstly, the most basic and biggest difference between Magento 2 CE and EE is  the cost. Magento 2 CE continues remaining free, but Magento 2 EE pricing constructionedited and linked to company’s annual revenue. Moreover, unlike Magento 2 CE, Magento 2 EE is available as both deployed software and as a platform-as-a-service.

Difference 2: Magento Support

Magento Enterprise Edition has a benefit of professional technical support by Magento. This support from Magento is also helpful resources and getting the greatest output of Magento. Magento 2 EE also gives you exact tools which allow for a deeper analysis of website aspects such as installed extensions, key database tables, and modified core files. This is very helpful to quickly identify potential problems. Whereas,  the Magento support for Magento 2 CE is still limited.

Difference 3: Scalability and Performance

While Magento 2 CE still remains a lot of curtails, Magento 2 EE makes your site to grow without any limits. There is support for running multiple databases which can be used for checkout, order management, products, etc. With Magento 2 EE, you now have an option to spread out your software through the new Enterprise Cloud, which dramatically raises  the speed of deployment. In addition, EE supports faster inventory updates which makes performance during checkout more efficiently.

Difference 4: Dynamic Marketing, Merchandising and Search

Magento 2 EE uses advanced content phase, sophisticated attributes based on customer segmentation, targeted contents, abandoned cart reminder emails and so much more. With Magento 2 EE, you are free to alter nearly any aspect of your website, pages and products it entails. You are also able to initiate custom catalogs based on different customer groups…

Difference 5: Increased Customer Loyalty

One more point that Magento CE is lacking of stuff to reach but Magento 2 EE does. Because Magento 2 EE allows using  private sales with the ‘Invite a Friend’ option. Magento 2 EE also allows customers to create wish lists and gift registries for a lot kinds of events such as holidays, birthdays, or weddings. Another benefit of Magento 2 EE is gift choices enhancement, which gives customers the ability to choose different gift wrappings and/or gift messages for each ordered item.

Difference 6: Extensive Management Tools

When using Magento EE, administrators can control and view specific actions accomplished by individual admin users on your site, return management authorization  which gives customers the right to initiate the statistic process per rule that you have set. Meanwhile,  Magento 2 CE totally does not have all of these stuffs.


So, choosing between Magento 2 EE and CE could build or break your company, this is the reason why you have to carefully consider getting what is suitable for your company based on its needs. If you’re a smaller company, the Community edition will be likely suitable for you. However, if you’re chasing a larger customers, Enterprise Edition will allow you to better reach specific segments and grant you much more flexibility in how you deal with this issue. Hope that after reading this article, you will have the right decision to start running your company.


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