What is Quick Search in Magento 2?

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In the previous article about Catalog Search, we showed the brief overview of catalog search as well as advanced search and quick search. This article today will focus on providing detailed information about quick search and how to use quick search in Magento 2.

Quick Search

Beside advanced search, quick search is known as an useful tool helping customers find products more quickly and conveniently. The search box in the header of the store allows you to use keywords to look for your wanted items in the store. The search text can be the full or partial product name, phrase or any other words describing the products. When you enter these search texts in the search box, you can receive appropriate results matching with search criteria applied. In addition, the search terms that people use to find products can be controlled by the admin.

With quick search, customers can easily find and choose suitable products in the store. Not only can they save time looking for items but they can also get exactly what they want based on specific search terms. Moreover, the quick process of searching makes customers have more time viewing other products so that there are more opportuntities for admin to increase sale.

How to Do a Quick Search

  1. Type the first few letters of items you want to look for in the Search box.

Any matches in the catalog and the number of search results found will appear below

  1. You can choose between two options:
  • Press the Enter key
  • Click on a result in the list of suitable items


We have provided details about Magento 2 quick search. We hope that this article will be useful for the ones who look for information about search in Magento 2. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

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