The Most Popular Shopping Tools in Magento 2

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For E-commerce, shopping tools are fundamental factors to constitute a complete website for customers to conveniently go online shopping. Therefore, any open source platform must support websites necessary tools to make purchase process happen more smoothly and also bring better shopping experiences for buyers.

In Magento 2, there are a lot of shopping tools provided to increase customer interaction with your store and share their experiences with other people such as friends or family. All of these tools are incorporated into a product page where customers can perform many actions related to their behaviors such as viewing products, choosing quantity, comparing to others or adding to cart and so on. Let’s see how purchasers can use which shopping tools in their shopping process in this following image:


Tools related to products

  • A product is displayed with the required information to provide customers as many details as possible:
  • Names
  • Ranking stars given by customers
  • Stock Availability: In Stock or Out of Stock
  • Options to select for more specific products, especially configurable, group or bundle products.
  • Product images
  • Product Reviews

Tools to engage customer interaction

These tools play an important role in navigating customer behavior in the product page, create more opportunities for customers to get involved and stay longer in the site.

  • Add products to cart
  • Add products to Wishlist
  • Add products to Compare list
  • Related products/ Cross-sell or Up-sell products
  • Send products to other people via emails
  • Notify products added via a mini shopping cart
  • Notify customers about required actions to add products to cart successfully. For example, when customers forget to select options for bundle products, Magento 2 will show a message to remind customers.

This is a general overview of shopping tools in Magento 2. In the next blog post, we will provide you a more detailed information about one of the shopping tools: Email a Friend.

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