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Looking for guides of Magento 2 Certification with questions and answers? Then this post is definitely for you, let’s read it now!

Don’t worry as you have us!

After working for about a year, developers will try to get a certification to prove their skills in the company. But they might get lost when starting to study for certification as they don’t know where to begin.

Understanding such problems, we decided to develop instruction for all Magento developers out there, with the hope that this may help them achieve their goals.

In this article, we will clarify:

  • An overview of Magento 2 certification
  • Magento 2 certified professional developer: Common questions with answers
  • Magento 2 Solution Specialist Certification: Study guide

Now, let’s get started!

Overview of Magento 2 certification

What Is Magento 2 Certification Examination?

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Simply, Magento 2 certification examination is a method to test Magento developers’ knowledge and practical skills in developing on the Magento platform.

Usually, 1-year and above developers will want to get a certification to differentiate themselves from freshers and other competitors. Successfully pass the exams, developers can not only gain more opportunities in their career but also improve their reliability to their customers.

For this reason, Magento certification is quite essential for a Magento developer.

9 Types of Magento 2 Certifications

  • The time allowed: 90 minutes
  • Structure: 60 multiple-choice questions
  • No materials allowed during exams
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Magento 2 certifications have 9 types in total, each of which represents different purposes.

Get Ready for Exams

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To pass the Magento 2 certification exams, you need to work hard to gain enough experience.

At Magento U, several courses are highly recommended before taking any exam. You can look over the table below for details.

Magento 2 CertificationsSuggested CoursesDescription
Magento 2 Certified Professional Front-end Developer

Core principles for theming in Magento 2

Learn the basics of Magento theming system and how to customize it
Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist

Managing Your Magento 2 Store

Learn all essential information to manage Magento 2 stores in various perspectives
Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer

Magento 2 Development Essentials

(5-day instructor-led classroom) Learn to perform simple Magento customizations
Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer

Magento 2 Certified Developer Study Group

Focus on different topic sections appeared in the exam
Magento 2 Certified Order Management Developer

Magento 2 Order Management for Developersor Developers

Develop necessary skills and knowledge to manage the order in Magento
Magento 2 Certified Professional Cloud Developer

Magento Commerce Cloud for Developers

Get practical knowledge and skills required to work with Magento 2 Cloud offering
Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer

JavaScript Development in Magento 2

Learn the necessary techniques to implement and customize solutions using Magento 2 JavaScript-related features
Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Plus

Responsive Web Design in Magento 2

Learn about responsive designs and how it can function in built-in themes

However, there are more training courses available for Magento developers. Please click HERE to find out.

Magento 2 Certification Process


The last part of this overview is to let you know how to take part in a Magento 2 certification exam.

There are 6 simple steps, as clearly described in the picture above.

Magento 2 Certification – Questions & Answers


In this section, we will give you some example questions and answers of Magento 2 Certifications. However, we won’t go in detail of all types.

This part is for those who have interests in 2 types:

  • Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer
  • Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist

The remainings will be clarified in other blogs. So, stay updated on this site.

Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer – Common Questions with Explanations


This certification is for developers with at least 1,5 years of experience in implementing the Magento 2 platform.

The exam will test skills and knowledge in various fields, for example, UI modifications, admin modifications, checkout process modifications, etc.

In terms of the structure, these below are topics covered with its percentage:

  • Magento Architecture & Customization Techniques: 18%
  • Request Flow Processing: 12%
  • Customizing the Magento UI: 10%
  • Working with Databases in Magento: 7%
  • Using the Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) Model: 8%
  • Developing with Adminhtml: 10%
  • Customizing the Catalog: 12%
  • Customizing the Checkout Process: 13%
  • Sales Operations: 5%
  • Customer Management: 5%

Each main topic consists of several smaller subjects; hence, you must understand a lot of information to pass the exam.

4 Example Questions with Answers

So now, we will give you some most common questions that appear in the real test. Before checking the answers, you should answer on your own and then compare your results.

Question 1: You create a module that can process URLs with a custom structure containing any combination of a product type code, a partial name, and a 4-digit year in any order.

The request path will look like this: /product/:type-code/:name-part/:year

Which layer in the Magento request processing flow is suited for this kind of customization?

  1. Front controller
  2. Router
  3. Action controller
  4. HTTP Response

Answer: B. The answer is based on the knowledge of Routing in Magento.

Question 2: While integrating a merchant’s product information management system with Magento, you create a module MyCompany_MerchantPim that adds a catalog product EAV attribute pim_entity_id programmatically.

In which type of setup script do you create the EAV attribute?

  1. Setup/InstallSchema.php
  2. Setup/UpgradeSchema.php
  3. Setup/InstallEntity.php
  4. Setup/UpgradeData.php

Answer: D. /Magento\Eav\Setup\EavSetup::addAttribute() fails if the reference entity_type_id does not exist. Click for more details.

Question 3: You are facing a bug that is supposedly caused by the customization of \Magento\Catalog\Api\ProductRepositoryInterface::save(). You decide to find all logic that customizes this method to solve the problem.

Which two places do you search for customization declarations? (2 answers)

  1. */di.xml
  2. */config.xml
  3. */events.xml
  4. */plugins.xml

Answer: A & C. While di.xml file in your module declares a plugin for a class object, in the events. xml file, the observer element can be configured to watch specific events.

Question 4: In a custom module you implement the interface 



* Configuration data storage


* @api


interface DataInterface


 public function getValue($path);

 public function setValue($path, $value);


What version constraint for magento/framework do you add to your module’s composer.json file?

  1. major
  2. minor
  3. patch
  4. stable

Answer: B. The solution is based on the knowledge of module version dependencies.

You can click to view more questions & answers of Magento 2 certification, pdf file.

Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist – Exam Study Guide


For this exam, you need to have a deep understanding of Magento 2 Open Source and Magento 2 Commerce. Besides, at least 1,5-year practical experience is highly recommended.

Magento 2 Solution Specialist Certification is suitable for several positions: business analysts, account managers, web designers, e-commerce consultants, etc.

Areas covered:

  • E-commerce: 23%
  • Magento 2 architecture: 24%
  • Magento 2 features & functionality: 30%
  • Application of Magento knowledge to business objectives: 23%

Each area contains various aspects that you need to learn to be qualified.


This perspective accounts for 23% in the test. It consists of:

  • Online merchandising
  • Security
  • User experience
  • Laws and regulations
  • System development
  • Omnichannel
  • Data analytics and testing
  • Taxes

Magento 2 Architecture

In this content, you should understand the basic concepts, Magento API, solutions, infrastructure requirements, cookies, to name but a few.

Besides, distinguishing differences between 2 Magento editions (Commerce & Open Source) is necessary.

Magento 2 Features

In Magento 2, there are a lot of features available to optimize an online store. We can name some, for example, catalog, shopping cart, payment, checkout, navigation, CMS, reporting, and some similar aspects.

Your work is to know all of those functionalities well.

Application of Magento 2 Knowledge

The last content is indispensable as some beginners may be good at theories; however, applying to reality is another story.

To satisfy your clients, you cannot overlook this area. The included knowledge is, namely, requirements gathering, third-party integration, promotions, management, customer experience, etc.

For more details, you can click for questions and answers of Magento 2 certification in pdf.

Final Thoughts

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To get a Magento 2 certification is not easy at all. You need to learn a considerable volume of knowledge, as well as gain practical experience in reality.

We hope that this article, with examples of Magento 2 certifications with questions and answers, will help you achieve goals in your career.

If you want us to deliver more blogs on other types, please don’t hesitate to comment below. We will provide other guides as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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