An Overview of Search Terms in Magento 2

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Exploring search terms used to find products in the online shop is considered as the fast way to know customers’ demand. This article today will give you an overall view of search terms in Magento 2.


What is Search Term?

A search term can be a word or a combination of words or characters entered into a search engine when users want to look for something specific. By examining search terms, you are capable of discovering what your clients are finding in your own store. In case many people look for a product that you don’t have, you can realize and add it to your catalog promptly. Furthermore, it is a good idea that you redirect your customers to another product in your catalog instead of leaving them empty handed.

Landing Page

After tapping a link or advertisement, a visitor accesses to a page which is known as the landing page on the website. The landing page for a search term can be a content page, a category page, a product detail page or even a page on another site.


Adding various terms that people may use to describe the same product is one of the best ways to enhance the efficacy of your catalog search. Sometimes you may face up to the situation that someone is finding a “sofa” while your product is listed as a “couch”. In this case, you can make use of a variety of search terms by entering the words such as “sofa”, “davenport,” and “loveseat” to replace for “couch” or direct them to the same landing page. This will help you keep your customers staying on your website and avoid losing sales undesirably.

Misspelled Words

Search terms can be used to resolve common misspellings. For instance, when you sell wrought iron patio furniture, many people can misspell the term as “rod iron” or “rot iron”. A good solution is that you make misspelled words synonyms for “wrought iron” by entering them as search terms. The search will be led to the “wrought iron” page even though the word is misspelled.

We hope that this article is useful for the ones who are in search of Magento 2. If you have any query, please feel free to contact us and we’re happy to help you.


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